Clean Water Products

Swedish GTC, supplying innovative water generators.

Clean water cannot be taken for granted

Water is the source of life. The Earth’s ecosystems, societies, wildlife and individuals depend on it. Without clean water all resources and supplies of food and health, energy and industrial production would be unobtainable. Currently, 1.1 billion people lack safe drinking water and 2.6 billion are without basic sanitation.

Clean water solutions for temporary or permanent use

We manufacture various sizes, from smaller water generators to larger container size units. In our range of products you will find models for rescue and emergencies, temporary camps, companies, military, communities, private residences and islands.

Please, contact us for more information and recommendation to find the right product dimensioned for your needs.

Swedish GTC seeks agents and distributors worldwide

To support the future expansion we are looking for agents and distributors worldwide.

For further information please contact:
Erik Lundström