Blue Marine LED UV-light by Watersprint

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Blue Marine LED UV light by WaterSprint. It is the first LED UV light for 12-24VDC and it is smart secure water purification with Nano-technology. No chemicals or mercury is used. That makes it the most environmentally friendly product on the market.
The product is extremely energy efficient since it has a built-in flow sensor that only allows the LED UV-purification turned on when water flows through the device. A big advantage of using Blue Marine Led light by WaterSprint over the old type of UV light that runs on 230VAC, is that it does not need to be changed or to be cleaned annually. Another advantage of the technology is that the water doesn´t get heated eliminating viruses, bacteria and protozoans.

For the first time there is a possibility to get bacteria free water. LED UV light is installed after the water tank or before a tap. That means that regardless if the water has been one week or a month in the tank or water pipe, the LED UV light kills 99.9% of the bacteria that occur.

The compact size makes it easy to mount. If the product is used for 2 hours a day 365 days a year, it will last for approximately 7 years or 5.000 hours. It can also be connected online with Wi-Fi for operation.

Blue Marine LED UV-light By WaterSprint (PDF)

Available in 2 models:

D4Tap 10 liters per minute. 600 liters per hour.
Lifetime 4 200 000 liters of water.

D4Tap+ 15 liters per minute. 900 liters per hour.
Lifetime 6 300 000 liters of water.

Disinfects the water passing through the unit using Led UV light.

Supplied accessories:

Power cable 8 m.
Gasket to drain.
2 pieces cut for easy assembly.

Product Facts

Power 12-24 VDC.
Weight 1100g.
Length 290 mm, diameter 55 mm.
Connection internal g½ / external g½.
Consumption 10 watts when water flows through the device.
At stand-by 500 mw.

The unit has three indicator lights:
1. Power lights green when the device is properly connected to the power source
2. Disinfection light glows green when standby and blue when active when water flows.
3. Wi-Fi connection lights green when the unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2 years warranty, LED UV light is completely maintenance-free.